Sella Anatomica

I need a new saddle for my cross check as the WTB thats one it was killing me after a few days on our NZ trip. I was either thinking of a Brooks Cambium (extremely pricey) or a Selle Anatomica NSX (more sporty than their other models and intented for MTB/Dirt use). Does anyone have any experience with their saddles? They are around $50 cheaper than the Brooks and from what I’ve heard they are good as gold.

I’ve got a few thousand kms on one, I dig it. Just started squeaking in the couple hundred kms but its apparently an easy fix.
I’ve used it on rides up to 180km without drama, but everyone’s arse is different…

Ay heavymetal which selle anatomica did you have? the x series?

Yeah, X series. It’s so damn comfy, but I never did sort out that squeak issue. Ended up swapping to my B17 for the recent newcastle ride so as not to drive everyone mad.

Edit: worth grabbing some extra gaskets if you get a saddle. Apparently they wear out… Just ordering some for myself now.

2nd edit: lolol, while ordering those bits, a discount code for $5 popped up so I got them all for free. Just paid shipping.

3rd edit: just got sent a link for $10 off for frenzzz: ReferralCandy | Best Customer Referral Program Software for Ecommerce Stores

Good saddle eh. Can’t shake my squeak either though.

Cheers heavy, ordered, $USD123 landed aint bad, got some extra squeaky washers if you want one Pete?

TC: I haven’t actually put any effort into finding the squeak whatsoever.

I’ve got a Titanico and heavily rate it. Never really wondered much about it, got given it for free.

Sw8 I’m hoping the cut-out will help with gooch rub when I’m in the drops