Selling my bike but need advice / direction


Ive decided it’s time to sell my bike but I’m not quite sure how to go about listing it etc it so looking for advice. Custom build from a couple of years ago, would have to double check size - sadly neglected since I moved // my ex housemate held it hostage for a long stretch and kept it outside // I prefer my other bike. Needs new tyres n tubes - prefer to sell as is. Not sure on price point.



Thanks :slight_smile:

/// idk why but the images are squashed. I’m gonna blame low qual android.


Hi, you could try the trading area here (not sure if there’s any restrictions for new members), Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

Whichever platform you decide, provide as much info you can about the condition, size and what sort of parts are on it, including photos of the overall and details.

Be clear if you’re willing to post/courier or it’s pick up only.

The second hand bike market is fickle - everyone wants a bargain, but it should sell at the right price. Vintage fixies/track bikes have also gone out of favour a bit, so you might need to be negotiable. Guess it depends on how bad you want to sell it.

Retro Cycling Marketplace on Facebook might be a good platform to sell this; people will appreciate the marque, especially if it’s original paint.

Good luck.