Selling on ebay

I’ve got a bike listed on ebay.

A potential buyer wants to inspect.

I can’t send the buyer my contact details to arrange an inspection without breaching ebay’s policy, which results in them charging me a fee as though I have sold it.

The only way to avoid breaching the policy, and being charged a fee, is if the buyer first commits to buying it.

But what if they don’t want it on inspection?

Anyone else dealt with this issue before? What a stuffaround.

You used to be able to send images in messages, like your address as a jpeg, that may be a workaround

Put it on gumtree as well and tell them to do a search?

Ok, I’ve done both.

I have put my contact details in a photo of the bike and said look at it closely, and also said that it is for sale elsewhere, so they should be able to figure it out.

send an email with your phone number written inw ords eg four one etc, it will delete/suspendaccounts which send @ address [seems to be getting clever when it comes to AT also] or string numbers together

Write a poem

N0 way I will sell to you
1 am the only one who will ride this bike
Bec4ause I am the only one it fits


All sorted.

I inserted my phone number into a photo of the bike and said “Here is another photo of the bike that you might want to look at closely”.

Also - Ezy - great poem.

I’m taking it to broadway