semi custom Maurice

Yo, new to this forum
this is my new maurice, was a terrible brown colour, 1pc crank, yukky bullhorns etc.
Few mods here and there and i like it now. Wouldnt mind some Purple B43 rims.
have a gander

Custom Black paint (frame+forks)
Primo powerbites
profile 46t imperial
eastern ea30 rise flats


nice steed.
would recommend some clips + straps though :frowning:


yer im going to get some PC’s then some straps on them, just learning 180 skids to fakie so dont really want them at the moment but very soon to come.

and so it goes…

nice cranks!

never really realised how much straps help :-o
got straps now and there so helpful with sit down skids etc :slight_smile: cheers prawza

ahah, yeh good to hear.

Straps are like… a life changing experience, soon you’ll be able to get in and out of them like a breeze (and ride 10x safer).

then you move to clipless pedals… and its like… awesome. but that’s for another time and place. if you’re into the tricks, clipless is useless.

have a look at these:

they’re designed for the trick market, might make life a little better if you don’t like clips+straps.