Send me to Bogota, Columbia...

So, anyone who knows me knows how much I’m into coffee, and those of you who don’t know me should still have a fair idea purely based on my username…

I’ve just entered a competition, and its the type of competition that isn’t just based on pure random luck, so I actually have a chance, and you can help me improve my chances by spending a few seconds to vote for me! The prize is a trip to Colombia to attend this years World Barista Championships.

Why would you want to help me? Because we are united by the common goal of riding bicycles? Because me going to Colombia will make the world a better place? To prove the infinite power that the interwebz really beholds? Because you can? Because I’m asking you nicely?

Whatever your reason, please vote for me…

Profile - Send me to bogota by Natvia, World Barista Championship 2011

Colombia not Columbia

Good work coffee!! I’ll make sure I vote and when you win I’ll hook you up with some locals!

I’ll expect a wristy of you win :wink:

Oops! I’ve spelt it wrong all over the shop…

All done man. Maybe one day you can teach me how to make a proper coffee if you win.


I voted. Good luck! If you win, bring me back a bean.

Ok, but only if I can do both of you at the same time, with a 200m sprint deciding who gets lefty and who gets righty…

Voted! If you win I think you owe us all at least a coffee made by you once home!

I’ll go one better than that: Unlimited free coffee (if you visit me at work) for everyone who votes if i win…

Awesome, where do you work?

Genovese Coffee, just near the Brunswick outdoor velo…

Dont know you but vote casted good luck.

Voted, good luck mate.
On another note, Genovese is just near where I live…do you sell beans direct?

Yep sure do, if I’m around i can get you wholesale prices instead of retail so ask for me when you’re in the shop, my training room is attached to it…


if we got xbx to the cyclist of the year finals, i’m sure we can get you there.

i’ll have a skinny, decaf, soy cappucino !

Done. good luck. Post me some beans sometime(to Adelaide), if you’ve got some surplus.
I’ll send you a 500g prepaid envelope.

Your vote has been [i]casted/i LOL

i voted. if you win i just want to see you drink all my unlimited free coffees in one afternoon.

actually, i voted for you because cycling inquisition blog informs me that columbian cycling is about to boom again, and it would be rad to be there for that.

Thanks dudes, keep em coming! Focusing on this for the next few weeks may even keep me off ebay, and that’s good for everyone…

Voted. 2.5 hours in and we’ve clocked up 42 votes and got Coffee to number 18! - keep 'em coming in folks!