A thread for all things sensations. What is and what is not sensations will be strictly moderated. Here are some guidelines, which are obviously not definitive because sensations cannot be measured.


-120 cadence with slightly tail win up a 3% gradient.

-knicks with long sleeve jersey (open).

-short jersey (open) with optional base layer, big gold necklace.

-rolling opposition with a “ze moment” look back before winning race.

-riding anywhere in girona.

-riding in over 25 degrees with body of water within 100 metres.

-That weird burst of energy you get after a really long ride and even though you fecked, you still doing 42kmh chopping turns.


-suffer score


-power metres

-training 15 hours a week for b grade podium

-gravel bikes

-electric cars (aka smuglord chariot)

Ok, to start things off:

power miles?

and so it begins. anyone know why I can’t edit posts anymore? Text box comes up blank.

S: Beating loops that defeated you previously.
NS: Bathroom breaks, commuter cup.

Starting off with an article about power meters…
You weren’t kidding about your guidelines being non definitive.

in fairness it is about getting rid of power meters.

Haus dog’s tears to the backdrop of Gladiator music is EXTREME sensations. Imagine being there.

this is literally the opposite of sensations, fml.

rolling turns with the hammer down is legit the best.

Is Jamesy the new velominati?
Are these the new “rules”?

So what’s the new rule 5?

don’t be so fast, sensations has no rules. If anything sensations is the very antithesis to the rules.

I get a little sensation every time I see heavymetal riling up HMC.

hahaha god damn it.

This here screenshot is sensations:

man there better be some deep sock tans and vanity miles appearing in this thread soon.

In the rain

yeah not sure about that one, but whatever rocks ya socks swuzz…