Sensible Commuter

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haha nice one

Haha I was just about to post this!

^ Was it up for sale about six months ago? It looks very familiar.

Someone have a guess on the size? I’m thinking small, awaiting sellers response for same question

He told me that he was taking measurements last night, still no word.

Apparently 650 front and rear but seller didn’t seem to sure.

Full beardo

I thinkin about a sweet polo bike


Would ride… with front basket.

Scott u ride a 57 #dreaming

Need clown bike for polo #livingthedream

Would you all be so kind as to please bugger off! I genuinely want this frame for a 90’s pursuit build I have been collecting some parts for!!! Scott you have a sic lo pro already, bugger off with your polo abomination!!!

I’m also waiting on measurements, lol.

Anyone here get this? Keen to see it with wheels and maybe a person on it

i went to $202. it was 53/54. i had the seller reply to me at the 11th hour.

Bargain, for a sensible commuter

I went to 88 but that’s not really the point is it

Would have bid if it wasn’t interstate, loki didn’t dibs and if the seller got back to me in time. I think he may have even answered after the auction ended.
You better have won it boy!
Will be interested if it doesn’t suit whoever won it, though!

Mine! Good size for me, also got the size info about 10 minutes before auction end. Now just waiting for old mate to ship, then it’s going to get shelved for a month or two. Sorry dudes, need to save for bond money because living with an ex sucks!