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we do not recommend using Surly or Euro-Asia cogs with our track hubs.

from phil wood.

I really dig Phil Wood products and rate them highly. That said I don’t know why they think EAI cogs are sub standard? I’ve found them to be well made, accurately machined and good value.

I believe their justification is that the EAI cogs are slightly thicker than others which prevents the lock ring from threading on as far as it should. I don’t have a clue how much evidence there is behind this, and if there is a difference in thickness, it wouldn’t surprise me if its effect was negligible.

they don’t, but they don’t make money out of ppl not buying their premium-priced cogs :stuck_out_tongue:

Phil W could care less about that stuff. If you do some digging around the company you will find their is an immense amount of pride in their products. It also remains a small company committed to producing (and standing behind) their items. IMO the price represents the quality of the US made gear.

But back to the issue at hand. From here as I knew I’d read this advice before.

Also (although he seems to love his EAI).

I do remember the early surly cogs being thinner and there being some additional issues with them mating correctly with some hub/lockrings. I was sure that it had been addressed.

EDIT: more background