serotta CDA

this is the final evolution of my steel framed serotta CDA, as the thing is a couple of cm to long for me and is in the process of been replaced with my first full carbon bike.


2009 serotta CDA custom, 56 effective TT, 50 ST + serotta F3 fork
2010 campag chorus shifter and cranks, 2010 SR 'railers
2010 SR 11-25 cassette, record hollow pin chain
white campag 11 cable set
2010 neg-G Ti calipers
king Ti cages
3t LTD seat post
3t LTD ergonova 40cm bars
3t PRO stem with Ti kit and a few decals removed
SLR kit carbon flow saddle
Chris king Sotto Voce headset
speedplay chromo pedals with ward Ti axles
extralite seat post clamp
extralite jockey wheels
extralite expander
extralite topcap and bolt
extralite cage bolts
extralite hyper clincher SP wheelset
Foss tubes
conti sprinter in the front and conti GP4000s in the rear
token Y cut bolt on skewers
microtex tape
garmin 800 ( the black and white one ) with gc10 cadence and speed sender


and the frame set will be up for sale in about 4 weeks

There might be a lot of things I don’t agree with you on… but this bike is a work of art. It looks spectacular. Very nice work.

So you finally ran out of bits to upgrade?

hahah thanks alex… no more upgrades for the serotta cause it’s too big for me so i have a new project in the works that is my size this time prolly replace the shifters and cranks to SR 11 (2010 spec though cause i don’t dig the 2011 graphics ) just to keep shit matchy matchy…
means i will also have a chorus 11 gruppo for sale at some stage ( cheap if your one of my homies… )
i hope i can get the day off work for the ‘winter classic’ i’m looking forward to getting spanked by you on a single speed through the national park on my new ride…

Mad props to the photog because in real life this bike is UGLY!

Lollin’. (please note I haven’t seen pics cos blocked at work)

Will keep in touch re: chorus gruppo.

It’ll need a chain and cable set from wiggle.
53/39 up front and 12/25 in the back, the front 'railer comes with ti bolts and a very nice Chain catcher too :smiley:

So this was custom built for you? if so…how com the size ain’t right? damn shame

Na I got it from a shop in the states… The guy just measured the top tube so he told me it was a 54… Which Is my size. After I got it I emailed serotta with the SN and got the build sheet… It’s not a 54 :frowning:
It’s ok I’m going full carbon (finally) and I’m getting some thing pretty bloody special!
I’m keen for the CDA to go to a good home as it’s an amazing frame so it will be offered up here first!
When I start feeling like an old man I will get a full custom CDA again prolly painted just the same…
It’s a super nice bike to ride.

Straight into the bike porn section!
Great photos by the way- were they by you or someone else?
Stealth CK headset tops it off…

What kind of steel is the frame?

The tubing is a custom triple butted niodium spirit tube set from columbus called CS5
the rear wishbone is full carbon as well the chris king head set does look great and will be included in the sale price :wink:
One of the sydney fixed boys Marcus shot the bike at his work.
He did a great job!

Thats how to build a modern steel roadie i love it.
What frame are you going?

It’s boutique US carbon, it’ll be on it’s way too me in about 3 weeks…
There will be build photos and proper shoot of the bike when I get it dialed in!
I’m very excited, building bikes is nearly as good as riding them
The new setup is a bit of a weight weenie build should hit 5.9kgs before I start cutting stuff.

im grateful to be in this forum.