Seven Gravel Race 2024

So me and 5 other mates had a crack, 123kms and 3100m of vert. Definitely gnarliest thing ive done.

Aim was always to just stick together and finish, so there was always a lot of waiting around at the top of climbs for half the guys, or at the bottom after a butt clenching descent.

Officially completed in a tad over 8hrs with strava saying a moving time of 6hrs 41.

Conditions were supreme with absolutely zero wind. The afternoon before had a torrential down pour compacting all the gravel nicely, washing away the loose stuff. Honestly could not have asked for a better day weather wise.

Event was well organised with plenty of clear signage on the course, only downside was the water stops had run out of water for the first 3 or 4 stops.

A few snaps below from when we wernt descending or climbing brutal hills.


Heck yea! Nice work Jas… how was the recovery?

cheers ezy!

Backside was a little tender the next day, legs were fine though. I think the constant waiting at the top of each climb helped with recovery, we wernt pushing the whole 123 kms.

Plan is to come back next year and definitely push though, see what we can do if we dont stop.