Sexy Bicycles gets a free plug in this morning's 'Australian'

Bike | Online Christmas gift guide | The Australian

Sexy Bicycles must be pretty chuffed with this free plug. AFAIK, you can’t buy this type of advertising — a bit like Oprah Winfrey’s advertorials for Australia.

The piece says that Sexy Bicycles is “leading [the fixed gear] renaissance”. Hmmmm.

Interestingly, the piece also says that “[d]ue to slow demand for their smaller models, [Sexy Bicycles] are now offering a free small bike (for people shorter than 170cm) with every order of two normal-size”. If you, or you & your mates, are in the market for three FG/SS bikes (two big & one small), and depending on the spec of the bikes (which are are only very vaguely described described on the website - e.g. “High end components”), that could work out to be a good deal.

i hate the word sexy. but even if i didn’t that bike is anything but.

shit shit shit shit shit.

looks like someone at the oz got a free bike. fucken cash-for-comments.

does anyone know how to make one of those emoticons where the little green face voms on the screen…??

makes the pedals go, even when you’re coasting

about as sexy as an amputee in a wheelchair
and “high end components” that don’t have names is certainly an oddity

Don’t hate it till you try it dude.
I would poast some suhweet amputee prons if this place wasn’t so SFW all the time

Don’t wanna bug that NickJ guy, I hear he loves banning dudes

thank you good sir

my thoughts exactly yehuda

how about blam.gif, rolly?

oooh yeah, good one!! haha

Thanks JAMS for the new sig.


He’s not the only one. SFW is the new ‘fixed’.

they’re so uber high end that if you have to ask, they ain’t for you, buddy :stuck_out_tongue:

“…with a fixed rear cog that makes the pedals go, even when you’re coasting…”

gotta get me one of those (and it’s a sprocket, not a cog, but don’t get me started on that)

Am i the only one who finds the amputee lols kinda tasteless?

No, you aren’t.

depends if it’s a tongue-amputee joke.

(also i don’t particularly like them)

don’t worry HMC, i hate everyone and everything

And this is what makes your posts amusing, keep up the vitriol…

I don’t wanna have to get ‘fixed’.

That said, I watched an entire amputee porno once and was not turned off by the missing limbs.
Just another interesting person with an interesting feature.