Shame it's in Berlin, Deutschland

Diamant, Fixie, Fixed Gear, Singlespeed, Bahnrad bei Fahrradteile (endet 18.08.10 20:49:17 MESZ)

Karl Marx decals - wtf is the look on that face!

Edit: Just figured out how to snag ebay pics straight off the auctions!

can someone explain the karl marx decals?

Diamant, was from the DDR (East Germany). Karl Marx was some what of an imposed hero behind the iron curtain.

When I lived in Berlin four years ago, you could pickup the old DDR Diamant’s for peanuts… I met one old guy who ran some kind of DDR track team who had 20 of them, and was willing to sell the lot for 400euros…

It’s German/French for ‘diamond’ in case you hadn’t worked it out :slight_smile:

i’m confused about the title of this thread. is there another berlin i don’t know about?

tell me now!!

I guess he didn’t want to create confusion over Berlin, Wisconsin.

is that where you used to live nick?

More than Berlin, Wisconsin in the US

  • Berlin, California, the former name of Genevra, California
    • Berlin, Connecticut
    • Berlin, Georgia
    • Berlin, Illinois
    • Berlin, Kentucky
    • Berlin, Maryland
    • Berlin, Massachusetts
    • Berlin, Nevada, a ghost town
    • Berlin, New Hampshire
    • Berlin, New Jersey
    • Berlin, New York
    • Berlin, North Dakota
    • Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio
    • Berlin, Williams County, Ohio
    • Berlin, Pennsylvania
    • Berlin, Vermont
    • Berlin, West Virginia
    • Berlin, Green Lake County, Wisconsin
    • Berlin, Marathon County, Wisconsin
    • Berlin, Wisconsin
    • Berlin Heights, Ohio

I just cut and pasted it from German Ebay when I couldn’t remember how to spell Deutschland.

Oh yeah? Well in Georgia, there are two adjoining counties, Coffee & Bacon. It’s like the breakfast bowl of the state.


Open the ‘Enlarge images’ box, then open the ‘View Source’ window in whatever browser you use. Do a find on .jpg, and then copy the image source. Geddit?

Id have to disagree with “imposed” - Old Karl was/is followed in many parts of the world (not just the DDR), long before (and after) the rise and fall of the iron curtain.

Well my Diamant frame was made in 1956 and I got it here in Australia so I like to think it was especially made for the Melbourne 56 Olympics which was one of the first a Unifed Germany competed at. It has an interesting wreath painted stensil on the down tube that I haven’t seen on other Diamant bike pictures. Not really that visible here. I’ll get a better picture soon.

Here are the placing for the Germany cycling team. Still trying to find some pictures though.

Men’s 1.000m Scratch Sprint

Günther Ziegler — 19th place
Men’s 2.000m Tandem

Friedrich Neuser
Günther Ziegler — 10th place
Men’s 4.000m Team Pursuit

Kurt Gieseler
Rolf Nitzsche
Siegfried Köhler
Werner Malitz — 12th place
Men’s Team Time Trial

Horst Tüller
Gustav-Adolf Schur
Reinhold Pommer — 27 points (→ Bronze Medal)
Men’s Individual Road Race

Horst Tüller — 5:23:16 (→ 4th place)
Gustav-Adolf Schur — 5:23:16 (→ 5th place)
Reinhold Pommer — 5:24:38 (→ 18th place)
Erich Hagen — 5:26:38 (→ 22nd place)


Easier than that.

You just open the pic you want in enlarged form.
Right click - Properties
Copy the URL in the properties info (e.g. “…”)
Then copy the second line of the characters up the top of the properties box ending in “.JPG”
Paste on to end of previously pasted URL to complete it.

The problem with just copying the URL normally is that it doesn’t show the entire thing. I just realised that the rest of the characters are up the top of the properties box.

The other way works too - But I haven’t been able to do it in IE7 because I can’t figure out how to get the source from the small popup window that clicking on ebay images brings up.

This picture shows a bad crash between Germany and and the U.S.S.R and the stencil on the bike you can see is very similar to my frame…
Here’s hoping anyway hey?

Comrade, I wasn’t dissing old Karl and I know he is widely followed around the world. I’m actually quite fond of him, but Marxism and maybe Marxism/Leninism is fine if you chose to follow that ideology.

The simple truth is the people of East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Romania etc. Never chose or had a popular uprising/ revolution. Instead they had a brutal ideology/dictatorship which purported to follow Marx imposed on them by a foreign power.