Shane Sutton's Falcon

I bought this from Kiwicyclist about 6 months ago. Stu had it repainted and built it up with some vintage parts by Dan at Shifterbikes.
I rode it for a bit then decided it needed an upgrade and my ‘take’ on it so I recently added the wheels, cranks, new BB and headset, all Campag. The stem and bars are Cinelli 1A. The post is also Campag.
I ride it regularly at that track and have started racing it as well. Such an awesome bike and heaps and heaps of fun at the velo each week.
It’s been featured on Fyxo (where I saw it for sale) and Prolly’s blog too, so you may have seen it already.
For those that haven’t, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Cheers Markee

Photo Credit-Andy White

I’ll never get sick of seeing that bike…unless your overtaking me on the track


i like how the mix of functionality and form, hawt.

You gotta be at the track for this to happen…

This is the plan, to catch all you blokes/boys!

@Jase cheers mate.

Looking super slick Markee, good chatting with you on Friday - sounds like you’re doing great on the track

  • Reuben

Love this thing. So tidy. You’ve done a great job Markee. Definitely thing a visit down to DISC on Tuesday to ogle it some more is in order.

Amazing build

pure sex