Sharing a Garmin between two riders?

Calling Garmin users. (I’ve asked Garmin this question, but you guys might know.)

I’m considering getting a Garmin Edge 25.

I’d like to be able to swap it between my bike and my wife’s bike. Because of kids we very rarely ride together. So wherever I can I try to buy one of something that we might be able to share.

I’m wondering, is it possible to use the one Garmin device but to upload (manually) ride data to our separate Strava accounts?

I think that if your phones are logged into your own Garmin accounts (and Strava accounts), the Garmin will sync with that phone and add the ride to the account logged in on the phone. Just make sure that you both don’t have Bluetooth on when you go to do the syncing.

Yes. You just need to choose ‘upload file’ from strava opened in your computer. You then upload the chosen .fit file into the Strava account that you want.

Great, thanks dudes

This from Garmin

Odd. I don’t see why you can’t connect any Garmin to your computer and upload the .fit files using the upload file function from Strava.

That quote is probably referring to doing the auto-upload thing with bluetooth or whatever.

I’ve used my neighbour’s garmin and uploaded to my account manually (ie putting a cord into the computer and selecting the file) with no problems.

Yep, suspecting the same.

Pretty sure the Strave creates a unique checksum for each .fit file uploaded so won’t let you upload the same file to multiple accounts.
This is probably what they are referring to.
I’ve not tried pairing my 510 with different Bluetooth phones so don’t know if that works

I can only upload the .fit file manually as the Garmin plugin for the Strave no longer works for me on my old Mac with old Garmin.
If I only knew someone who did computing.

If it’s any consolation I do computing and that’s how I do it from my Mac

I’m in the same boat. Old Garmin 200 still works beautifully, who needs live segments and auto upload? Not this guy. I mostly use my phone anyway…

Perhaps you should have asked first.

I never upload without consent.

All these KOMs are now explained

Haha, when Bigadz returned my garmin and I synced my first ride I got the entire Tour Aotearoa on my account. It was a bloody tough month but I managed it on my fully unloaded sworks remotely from Canberra. Moved house at the same time.

#jerkzpower not to be underestimated

I can’t seem to sync my Garmin with Strava. What the hell. I’ve tried everything, and the accounts are connected but no ride data. Seems like lots of people on the internet are having this problem?

Edit: just figured out how to manually upload the .fit files. So kinda sorted for now.