Shaun White gold medal run

I missed seeing it on tv but I’ve heard it’s pretty spesh…can anyone help me locate a place to see a re-run?

i saw it on youtube.

Danny Davis’ run @ Mammoth earlier in the season was better… but hey it wasnt the oh-limp-dix so it couldnt be the BEST could it :wink: (plus NBC isnt shutting down all the replays online)

it was also the only time shaun has been beaten this year and shaun’s last run (with a sketched out ‘double double with tomato’ as he tired to come back @ DD) was crazy good too. Made extra special by the fact DD was doing it for his good friend Kevin Pierce who was till in a medically induced coma after crashing during the previous olympic qualifier.

Shaun is undeniably a great rider, but it would have been a different event if Danny and Kevin Pierce had been able to compete. Those 2 were the only guys (IMO) who had a legitimate chance of beating SW.

cant believe this is an olympic sport

Kazuhiro Kokubo has more style

i watched it live and had to give it a rising slow clap.
BEST run ever? pfft, semantics.

you can’t deny a double mctwist 1260 isn’t freakishly amazing.

japanese japan grab FTW! :smiley: