Shellac meet up this weekend.

We’re driving over on Friday, and I’m keen to meet up before the show on either Friday or Saturday night.

We’re staying in Fitzory on Johnson (opposite the Old Bar) and will have bicycles.

PM me your number if you wanna meet up or sext me.

I’m in.

Flying in mid Saturday arvo, assuming Tiger Airways still have aeroplanes. Think I’m staying in Northcote.



Looks like I’m working late on Friday damnit. Have stuff on Sat, but will be up for a beer if I can fit in.

is there where i come to register interest in the unusual time signature based music?

i’m up for a ginger beer beforehand on friday. somewhere in the city? hell’s kitchen? my disco are apparently going on at 9.30, so 8 would work well…

also, shellac are apparently playing from 11 til 12.30. that’s a long set!

so, hell’s kitchen, 8pm it is?

i believe so.

I will try to get to this before the show.

I’m free this evening.

Think McKenny has somewhere planned?

city meet around 8?

i’ll be in town a little later, because i’m not real into seeing black level embassy.

Let me know where.

I’d be keen to get a bit closer than last night.

How was last night?

I’m checking out some apocalypse at the NGV, then will be in the city all evening and keen for some food and/or beverages

Also, I’m on the SkyBus next to a guy with a bike box stamped Surname: Bailey.

8 at hell’s

That was me.

Oh, wait, no it wasn’t.

Best band in the world.

They seemed a lot more relaxed last night.

Very different between the two nights. Both nights were damn good though.

^ wholeheartedly agree.

Was nice meeting you JLN and really good to see a few other friendly faces.