ShifterBikes Pop Up sale

So shifter is having another pop up sale today, if any FOAers swing by, can you please check out the price of that mint cielo frame please!

^ Where? When? Link?

At Shifter as far as I know (well the old Northside Wheelers space by the looks of things).


Today. At Shifterbikes. Prob instagram says so.

why you not instagram?

Get on it. And what a day to get on it. It’s Friday ya know - my most fav day of FoA funnies over instagram. You have missed out on things such as shower beers, chest hair, boutique beer talk, lemontimes late night party antics.

It’s a nice frame but I’d say way too big jase, looks 57ish and aus retail is about $2200 I think so it will be up around that price I’d say.
Some nice stuff in there, cheap enve 45 tub $300 per rim and lots of bars and stems

ah cheers mate, looked smaller from your IG pic last week, mustve been the angle.

^ Think the dude said 55.5, looking for 2 large.

Lots of Enve and Parlee stuff. Not my bag.

cheers mate, that was bloody quick, how close are you to SB?

^ Not far, probably 5k’s or so. Oddly enough, it’s the first time I’ve been there!