ShifterBikes"Sorry,the site you requested has been disa

Does anyone else get this when they try to access Shifter Bikes’ webpage?

yes… down for updates???

Updates or bike-pirates have taken over the store.

I could swear it’s pirates. There’s that stench of rum and sweat on the air.


tis back up again. still no shop though, they’ve got a new lot of rear hubs in for $75 each though. might have to get one.

Got to fondle those hubs that your speak of.

Very nice indeed.

In fact, I’m getting them built up with velocity aero rims.

Aero or Aerohead?

I thought you said Aerohead the other day? Either way, good choice and damn good value.


they looked nice so i thought i’d go with them.

already have a set of aeroheads on my current track wheels.