Shifterbikes Wheels

Just for you Joel, here are a couple of pics of the ‘Shifterbikes wheels’.

These are Des’ wheels - 36H Velocity Aero rims with straight guage spokes and the Dimension high flange double fixed hubs.

Call Dan for details. Click on the pics for larger versions.


What-da-tha set ya back?

I must say, I’m very happy with my Suzue hubs, but would love a double fixed for when I ride to the track and have to do the full change when I get there.

Call me lazy, but rotating the wheel seems a great, easy idea.

I THINK they’re about 400…

Lats - get a quality chainwhip and lockring tool (Dura-ace do a lovely one) and you’re sorted!

If anyone needs hack wheels, or for a build up, ive got suzue on ambrosio clinchers W tyres, single fix. nothing fancy. offers.

$350 for the pair, including build.

Add $20 for lockring and rim tape.


very nice, how much does the hubset go for by itself?

  • Joel

$65 front and $75 rear. I think they’re 36H only but I’m not sure on that.

cool. That’s insanely cheap - which is good. I’ll check them out next time I have an appropriate wheelset on my horizon.

  • Joel

Ooh yes please I need a set of these! Plese tell me they are available in 32hole. Please please please!

Oh yeah Hi everyone long time no speak! give me 2 months and I’ll be here quite a bit more!


They’re fuckin sick cause I BUILT* THEM.
Hah. Nah, really, theyre qwality and a nice price, no reason not to. Unless you won high-polish rims, in which case you can still get them :wink:


so no 32 hole then?

Bummer I already have a set of rims and I derive pleasure from building my own wheels. Otherwise I would love to buy a built set!