Shimano 600 Groupset

I know, not really a fixed-related question, but I have a partial 600 groupset (Shifters, brakes, F and R mechs, crankset, cassette) for sale on eBay after I cleaned out the shed.

I have had a couple of offers from punters but honestly have no idea how much is it worth and can’t find any sale references online except this…!!!_W0QQitemZ170409132108QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxq20091120?IMSfp=TL091120172002r26568

But my groupset is slightly later (just before it was re-branded ultegra 600) so has integrated shifters/levers.

All of the parts are in good used condition.

Anyway if anyone can help with it’s market value it would be much appreciated.

depends a lot on condition mate, those 8spd shifters tend to wear out… I have a full 600STI Cecil Walker and have found this to be a problem.

With groups like this the prices can be up and down depending if someone has their heart set on a particular group in great condition or are just after a bargain to fix up a beater.

The 600 sti shifters are made to go with an 8 speed setup and finding matching hubs can be a pain in the arse.

Why aren’t you selling the wheels too?

I checked out your listing earlier (I am a bit of a fan of 600) and the dude that was willing to come and get the lot sounds like the one I would be dealing with - because you can add on a bit of money and let him take all the parts you don’t want.

There are some scratches and the condition of the shifters is a bit hard to see. If you sold me the lot (including the wheels or even just the hubs) I would buy it all of you for about $350 (if the wheels are nice and shifters have all the logos etc I would pay a bit more). But you can always ask for more and negotiate down.

Have a look at US eBay and Germany & Holland.

Here are my estimates, based on good working condition and not excessively scratched.

Rear Der: $30
Front Der: $20 (NOS ones are relatively common for around $35-40)
STI levers: $170+ depending on condition & mileage (single levers are much cheaper but difficult to match)
Cranks: $80 (they seem to have gotten more expensive in the last couple of years)
Calipers: $50+

The most sought after stuff seems to be STIs, cranks and NOS calipers. I bought a NOS crankset with matching BB last year for $80 but now that’s the kind of price used ones are fetching.

NOS 600 cassettes are difficult to find, but ‘ordinary’ HG 8sp cassettes aren’t.

Also, there’s some variation depending on the specific models. ie. 6401, 6402, 6403.

How much do want to spend on a pair of NOS 8sp 600 hubs, with skewers? :wink:

haha, I don’t have shifters to match - yet.

Front wheel is ultegra hub laced to open pro, rear is standard WHR540 wheel (star aesthetic) with HG cassette, I want to keep the front wheel for a future build.

Rear wheel I would be happy to chuck in, might add it to the listing.

The shifters have some cosmetic scratches but work fine and the logos can be seen but they seem to have yellowed a little.

So with all listed and a rear wheel maybe 250-300 would be a fair price?

I sold a 600 group with 9 speed ultegra hubs laced to cpx33’s to a friend for $200. If you take away the mate’s rates, $250-$300 is fair, though I did just get a complete(integrated shifters, cranks,brakes, mechs, pedals, chain, and cassette) 600 groupo off the bay for $220 buy it now.

Also Sime, you can get/DIY your integrated shifters serviced. The factory grease gums up after a while.

If anyone is interested I have a rear 600 hub and cassette and an ultegra front hub I’ll be happy to part with.

yeah I know man, a good flush with brake cleaner or letting them sit in the parts washer is good (sans hoods) to clear them up before re lubing them, but they reach a point in which they have begun to wear out and shifting will never be perfect.

but you get that with anything, so meh… you just deal with it and pop it up.