Shimano 600 Pedals

This is possibly a good question for Spirito.

I just scored some of these to add to the collection.

Can somebody tell me if these are supposed to be used with toe clips or not? It looks to me like they’re not because there’s no flat face on the front of the pedal to bolt a clip on to, but I know nothing about toe clips and I would’ve expected pedals of this vintage to use clips and straps. Maybe there are specific 600 clips for these pedals?

I’m not planning to actually use them at all but I just want to know if they’re supposed to have toe clips.

yes they do use clips, a lot of pedals did not have a front plate. They use special toe clips with three holes- not too hard to get hold they were used on a lot of shimano pedals for a long time.

Great, thanks. I don’t suppose you know the part number for the clips?

I have a set of said clips. Size XL I think, steel. PM Me

i think there’s also plates/cleats which attach to the bottom of shoes to lock in to the pedal when strapped in. those might be harder to find.

Yeah I agree Liam. But fortunately the cleats are included with the pedals.

Are they possibly similar to the Dura Ace 7400 pedals which were popular to use on the velodrome:

* Dura-Ace 7400 pedals - New, old stock. Includes toe clips (size L) and set of PD-64 cleats - $389.50.

They’re the ones Horatio. But I’m not quite OCD enough yet to pay ~$400 just to get the clips :slight_smile:

Peter Bundy has the specific cleats (copies, but as pictured above) and occasionally the toe clips pop up on ebay every now and again. As a reference I usually wear a size 43/44 shoe and i’d be happy with either a Medium or Large Toe clip.

Both the clips and cleats are specific to these models. They’re a very good well thought out design and still quite sought after by many who ride track. Without the clips/cleats they’re only worth 1/3 to 1/2 the value.

Thanks Spirito.

Do you mean that the 6400 & 7400 each have their own specific clips and cleats? Or the same clips & cleats work on either of those two?

Anyway, I’m patient. I’ve been collecting this groupset for a couple of years now so a bit longer makes no difference. Like I said, it’s unlikely I’ll ever actually ride it. How sad is that? :slight_smile:

Same parts for both models.

You can of course use just a regular cleat designed for clips/straps but these models have that triangular guide at the front that helps locate and fix the toe portion of your foot as it enters. The toe clips can adjust in length by loosening the triangle plate. Excellent clearance as well as keeping the foot low to the axle. Really clever design … clearly better than anything around at the time. If it hailed from Italy they’d be worth 3 times as much :wink:

Using them will be fine … they aren’t gonna wear out.

Very sad, considering I’ve been looking for ages for some to use :frowning:
I keep pulling out of my cleats at the track and with some of these I feel like I would be unstopababble. Alas, I keep hunting.

I’ve got a used set of these pedals with the clips I’d be willing to let go of cheap. GC other than a bit of surface rust on the clips that would scrub off, and some road scrape on the outer bottom edge of the pedals.

They came with a bike I got recently, so I don’t have the cleats - although I may still have a pair floating around under the house from my old Ken track bike that I sold which had those pedals.

You’ve been PM’ed supermanlegs!

Rhyzzle… I’ve got some in my ‘for sale’ box, was going to take them to the next swap meet. Let me know if you want to check them out.

Also, I’m heading to Bundy’s on Saturday, so I can grab some cleats if you want.

I’D love to check them out S-E. I’m in Perth for three weeks though, would you mind holding on to them? Also I would need the cleats.

No problem.

So out of all the above, is there anyone with a set of cleats to suit Shimano 600 pedals? I just bought a set of the pedals with clips and straps off eBay for a moderate price, but need to chase up cleats and XL clips.

I already had some of the pedals on a Repco Nishiki Tri-A that I bought recently with full 600 group, but the front triangular part is bent pack on both pedals and will probably snap off if/when i try to straighten them out.

But you’ve already ridden (some of) that group when it was on that gold-plated daily-rider you used to have, yeah?

(unless you now have MORE THAN ONE 600 GROUPSET in your possession? But that would be OCD…)

Yes it is a bit OCD. I have two 8sp - one of them is NOS.