Shimano Alfine hub service

I’ve been servicing mine and other people’s Shimano Alfine rear hubs (8-speed) using standard ATF (automatic transmission fluid) and it seems to work fine although I was wondering if other forum users used the same method (instead of using the expensive genuine Shimano fluid) and had experienced either long term or short term problems.

I’d rather hear from people with genuine experiences and not Google searched answers if possible.

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I’ve done a few with gearbox oil, works fine. Pull guts out, lightly clean with clean rag, submerge in the oil, ‘change gears’ so oil penetrates. Leave overnight, let stand to drip off as much excess as possible, reassemble.

works OK so far on my Nexus SG8-R36 (which supposedly has similar internals to the Alfine 8)
I also grease the ball bearings and bearing races the non drice side especially as it’s small diameter means any oil might get centrifuged out to the larger diameter parts of the hub. i read somewhere this was a good idea (may not apply to alfine) and seems to make sense to mee. there was still a bit of grease on the bearings (small NDS one especially) when i did my last “oil change” so there might be something in it (cant hurt anyway).

P.S. you don’t have to take it apart that much for an oil change, i was just curious