Shimano Dura-Ace bearings?

alright have purchased a pair of cranks above and revieced the cranks and what looks like a BB shell? its hollow and crank arms screw onto kinda thing, is this like a external BB or is it a sealed bearing/cups set up? the cranks are Shimano dura ace FC7700 Cranks 175mm…anyone

7700 is not external.

is this what the cranks came with?

its called an octalink bottom bracket…not dissimilar to a square taper bottom bracket except the interface is an 8 splined (hence OCTAlink) tube instead of a square tapered rod. ie its just a bb.

late night googling confirms this …cheers.

Just be real careful when installing the cranks onto these octalink BBs. If you don’t line up the splines properly before you tighten the crank bolts, you can wreck the crank arms when the BB splines dig into the cranks if not properly seated.

Also, google 7700 BB rebuild. I found a site that had good blow by blow rebuild pics. Can’t find the link now…

I’d make sure that the BB is properly greased. A lot of people seem to hate the 7700 octalink cranks, because the BBs have a reputation for wearing quickly. If you take it apart, do it over an icecream container or something as a million small ball bearings and half a million roller bearings WILL fall out. :x

yer probabably going to get a sealed one…saves sll loose bb hassle