shimano dura ace

Might seem like a silly question, but should the new 7710 dura ace octalink crankset be able to handle street riding? or would it be expected to fuck up?

Thanks in advance

I think most people tend to overestimate the ‘punishment’ they think they can dish out to their bike :slight_smile:

I’m sure any DA cranks will be more than up to the task (as well as 105 & Ultegra for that matter).

that’s what i thought but the taper is a little shagged and they’re only 2 months old.

Did you get them new?

I would’ve thought that so long as they’re installed properly there shouldn’t be a problem. ie. if they’re properly fitted to the BB then they shouldn’t move around on the spindle.

If you got them secondhand and they were already abused then I guess all bets are off.

brand new in box from rene at tracksupermarket, whole crankset.

well here’s the thing the guys that installed them i fucked it becasue a few days after i had to take it in becasue the left crank arm was moving around, and i take it back it’s good for a week then slowly gets movement in it again.

not sure what to do :expressionless:

but the main mechanic was like "you have to remember these are DA and not meant for street riding (as he looks at my squared out rear tyre) but are they just trying to fob it off?

I am using a bit of loctite on the crank bolts now and torqueing them up tight

I had some problems with an octalink chainset on my MTB, cranks coming loose- the XTR BB octalink part was short and only engaging on half of the crank- I bought a new sealed road BB and a pair of new bolts (threw out the self extracting ones) it’s now working a treat.

sound like a bad case of what i like to call “fuckwit mechanic”. i say do what pinball wizard recommends and then never go back to said fuckwit mechanic. also, name and shame.

podium bikes in south melb, the main mechanic Leon seems alright, he re did them when he saw how the first guy had done it and said to him “how many times have you installed DA cranks?” so obviously he wasn’t too happy.

I’ve really only been riding for a year now daily and have a screwed taper is new to me, but it doesn’t make sense how it can be tightened to feel rigid then it works it’s way loose…

If the spline was damaged because one mechanic put them on incorrectly, don’t be shy in asking them to fix the damage, even if that means asking for new cranks. At the very least you should be getting a good discount there for a while… “remember the time you fucked up my brand new DA cranks?”


shima - NO.

Campagnolo biatch!

I am waiting for BENDER to chime in here.

He has been riding his DA/octolink setup on the streets for ages and also got his from Rene at tracksupermarket. I think he may have encountered the same issue with his originally but i think he loctited aswell. He just retired his and went to 170mm Omniums.

what snowflake said. if they can handle the torque of track sprinter, they’re probably quite capable of handling some siqq-skidds.

i have an octolink bb in my track bike.

it goes just fine.

If it was installed incorrectly the first time, it is possible that the splines on the crank arm were damaged, and it will never stay.
With octalink if you dont line the splines of the bottom bracket and crank up properly and just started tightening the bolt down, the bottom bracket spindle can start digging into the alloy of the crank arm and do the damage.

Its really easy to do if you dont know what your looking at, which it sounds like maybe this mechanic didnt. I’d be going back and asking them to make up for it.

Thanks for everyone’s advice, i went in yesterday to see the guys at podium and talked them through it from my perspective, the guy sympathised and had already being in touvh with Shimano Au to order the left crank arm, but they don’t send just one crank arm-has to be the whole set, he still nonetheless is ordering the whole crank for me and giving me the left arm.

SO all in all, yeah the first guy who installed them wasn’t soo good, but they’ve admitted responsibility and been pretty good about it.

Props to Podium bikes on Clarendon st South Melb.

That’s a good result. Mistakes happen from time to time but a shop that takes responsibility and fixes the problem is a good shop I reckon.

Yeah i’m happy with the result.
The left BB spindle wouldn’t have been compromised would it? it’s pretty tough and it just eats into the soft alloy of the crank arm or is that a bad assumption?

It should be fine.
The bb spindle is steel (harder) and is unlikely to have been damaged by the aluminium (softer) of the crank arm.

I’ll go one better and bet that Sora, 2200 and Tourney will also be fine, but at the expense of weight and prettiness. I’m a bit cynical about the groupset circle jerking that occurs within the roadie crowd.