Shimano trigger shifter and front derailleur advice.

I want to run 3x9 (11-32t) with a Sora mid cage rear derailleur. What trigger shifters and clamp on top pull front derailleur should I get that aren’t complete rubbish and / or ridiculouly expensive?

Road or MTB triple?

Shimano mtb and road front mechs have diff. pull so need to match shifter.

The triple shifter I have for sale is for a road triple mech, if you have a road triple mech…

Mtb triple shifters and mechs are cheap and plentiful 2nd hand.

Go deore or better although the newer alivio is fine.

One from my box.

I don’t have like, XT shifters or anything. I think I have some Deore or something. I’ll have a look. I think I have a good top pull FD too.

I’ve gotta say though; SRAM 9sp is the shiz ATMO. I might have an X7 med cage RD, dunno about shifters though.

he wants front shifter Pete.

Yeah I know. I think I can help. Just saying I really like 9sp SRAM is all, and might be able to help with that too. -add mtb front shifter (8/9 spd gen)

yeah, I like SRAM 9spd too, have it on two bikes.

Just more expensive and less plentiful 2nd hand

And Jolan if you need top pull I think you have to go MTB, from memory there are no top pull road mechs except CX70

It’s for a touring frame, but I was thinking of going MTB cranks.

I have SRAM X3 7 speed shifter and long cage derailleur, and SRAM S300 cranks (I think), but it’s all black and I want silver. I have been umming an ahhing about just buying a 7 speed 12-32t SRAM cassette though.

well if its top pull your going MTB

Okay, so Deore or new-ish Alvio shifters and front derailleur it is. Thanks dudes.

or track down SRAM if you wanna use that stuff you already have.
Sounds like Pete might have something?

Yeah I’ve got heaps of something. I’ll have to check what I’ve got that’s useful to you though. Probably Shimano top pull something and mid/low end shifters.

Yeah, I was just thinking I might go SRAM, but run older silver Shimano cranks. I can pick up 7/8 speed Shimano cranks pretty cheaply, same with a matching X3 left shifter and front derailleur. I’m more concerned about having a climbing gear rather than a sprinting gear, so having a 7 speed cassette with 12-32 should be fine.

Gonna pull the trigger (geddit?) on some Alivio shifters and front dérailleur to go with the Sora rear deraiileur and 9 speed cassette I already have. Cheaper and easier to do that, than buy a single SRAM left shifter, new 7 speed cassette, spacer and front dérailleur.

Hey sorry Jolan. I forgot about this. I can still have a look in the FD box if you want me to, and the shifter hook.

All good! Can get the shifters and derailleur so cheap new, so I’m just going to go down that path.