Shimano Ultegra 11-speed mechanical

If it shifts like DA9000, this should be a hit. Going from appearances, it looks like it will be functionally identical, only slightly heavier. - Ultegra 2014 va a 11V e imita il fratello maggiore

But now my 6700 is redundant and will probably stop working. This is terrible news.

Yep completely useless now, you should throw it in the bin.

The benefits for normal riders I think will be the front and rear shifting performance, and the fact the crank can be configured from 53/39T -> 52/36T -> 50/34T using the same crank arms. This is a real plus.

I think I might upgrade to this later in the year…

Yeah, but only with the shimano proprietary chain rings, which, thanks to shitmano Australia will cost the same as two separate cranks anyway.

When the dark underlords of the bike industry set up around a table and ask, you know, what does the average cycling fan want but not need…keeping in mind we have to, you know, convince them they do need it as well as want it, they put a big cardboard cut out of Horatio!

“53/39T -> 52/36T -> 50/34T using the same crank arms.”

I can do this on any 110BCD crankset.

Smug pesky

you are

Did anyone else visualise the Stonecutters?

As is mine. I suppose it could be used as a variety of paper weights now.

Give you fiddy dorrah for it…

But not with sweet sweet hollowring Shimano chainrings which are expensive yes!

Burn! Tell me James why you use SRAM Red when Apex or Tiagra would suffice for your ‘epic’ needs?? :smiley:

Because it came on a bike cheap. And because I am just as susceptible to the underlords. You are just more photogenic!

Oh okay, please continue then.

Look I hate the product cycle as much as anyone, but there are measurable improvements over 6700.
Or should I just insert the usual “No one is forcing you to upgrade” remark.

For your average Joe changing freehub bodies is going to be a massive PITA.

insomuch as one extra gear is an improvement. otherwise wut bro.

H is actually right. The shifting is gonna be better.

You’ll note I didn’t once mention the extra gear being an improvement. Ignore the extra cog and the 6800 is overall a better groupset than 6700/7900.

-Front shifting has the same leverage arm as DA9000, it makes front shifting significantly easier. I have 9000 on my girls bike and it’s probably the best improvement.
-Rear shifting has finally gone down the path of Shimano MTB RD’s where the cable tension/feel remains consistent over the whole cassette. None of this shifting to the highest gears and feeling like it’s running out of cable tension, or shifting the other direction and feeling like you need to use a disproportionate amount of effort.
-I can’t remember about 6700, but my 7900 requires a stangely large amount of lever throw to engage a shift. New generation has reduced this.
-One BCD for the entire range of chainring options.
-DA9000 gets fancy inner/outer cable with PTFE lining. Until you try them, you’ll appreciate the improvement over regular cables** I have no idea whether Shimano will give Ultegra this treatment.

I didn’t know you had a girls bike.

You’re on fire today HMC