Shipping a Bike from Brisbane to Melbourne

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has any experiance shipping bikes around?
I’m flying from Brisbane to Melbourne this weekend but only have cabin baggage so I can pay $80 to bring the bike with me on the flight.

Just wondering if there is a cheaper option ?

Apologies as well, the search doesn’t work on my work pc.

Thanks in advance!

i used E-Go about 6 months ago to get a bike shipped from Bris to Melb. Cost me $45.
It was already packed n everything else. It took about a week to arrive.

Thanks heaps man.
Delivered to your door ?

my last dealings with e-go left a very dirty taste in my mouth. i’d instead suggest transdirect.

delivered to the door of my work.
has to be picked up and dropped off somewhere that has someone there during the day.

when i originally moved to melbs , i flew with virgin they let you have one carry on and you can get a bike for free , as long as its boxed , and is under 10kg

ditto jetstar, I paid the extra $20 or whatever last time I flew with them and they included the bike-in-box

You could also try greyhound freight, but it’s depot-to-depot only IIRC

JETSTAR and TIGER = Fail for sporting equiptment.
VIRGIN is awesome. They give you extra weight allowance for sporting equiptment.

E-Go Couriers are fine. Just make sure you have it boxed up tight, so if it does get dropped over then nothing bangs around.
I have used both e-go and transdirect more the 20 times combined with maybe 1 minor issue.

e-go are dishonest c*nts imho. but that’s not to say you will have problems with them.

E-Go appear to have gone to shit, last two parcels I sent got lost

Shit aye. I must admit i havent used them for a few months. I currently got something coming with them from south. Fingers Crossed

If its a nice bike just pay the $80 get on with it get off with it,
i havnt had a problem with ego but it has been slow of late.

I used e-go not long ago and they were fine… But I’ll be taking this thread into consideration in the future.

there’s lots of horror stories from shipping car panels/doors using e-go, even with awesome packaging. big solid things (engine blocks, rims) come through 95% alright with minimal packaging.

e-go use the “empty van” method, they find another company that has enough spare cargo area to pick up your package and dump it (literally) at the other end.

the one thing with shipping anything, is that it all comes down to the packaging. you need to make it so that the goods wont be damaged if it was dropped from a height and/or if something was thrown on top of it.