Shipping From the U.S. of A

It’s a noob question i know but has anyone done this with a complete bike recently,

Ive given the search function a going over, just would like to get a bike back from there that wont cost me $500.

When I looked into it I couldn’t find anyone who would actually take a bike box. Had to be split into wheel box and frame box.

Wheels can be sent USPS… $35+ depending on service.
I’ve been told that frames often go over the size limit with USPS, but I guess it depends who’s serving you at the counter.

If you can manage with USPS, it will be the cheapest option.

My experience with US postage is that it’s a rip-off. Maybe go through one of those intermediary postal services that repackage things for you?

If this is with Harris Cyclery it’s a glitch in their system (Wheel set postage was calculated automatically at $500). $500 does sound pretty excessive.

I ordered a wheelset from Unreal Cycles when the AUD$ was strong. The postage was US$60 and they arrived in less than a week.

Thanks I’m going to get someone to bring it back, as the standard bike box is classed as oversize.