Shipping from UK, price help!

Just wanna shoot it out there to see what’s the usual cost to ship a frame from UK. I’m about to bid on a frame and the shipping quote I got seems really expensive.


100 pounds or so

^yeah about GBP100 is ballpark, although Wiggle were quoting pricing frame shipping around AUD70 for a crabon frameset I was looking at earlier in the week. Maybe they get volume discount from Royal Mail.

Thanks guys!

Last ebay uk seller I asked quoted me GBP 221.70 through DHL… which was more than the frame was selling for.

But in the past it has been around the GBP 100 mark.


I think I got a whole bike for seventy pounds through this mob: Freedom Shipping – Amazing Service, Amazing Prices. They deliver up to 45KG so fill it with other cool shit from the UK like pork pies, Tennents and girls from Dagenham.

Beware of:

  • Import duty
  • Local processing fee
  • The fact that they take a fucking age to deliver. I ordered this brand new and it just arrived

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