Shipping my bike Melbourne -> Amsterdam

Hey guys,

I’ve been on a eurotrip for the last two or so months and have decided to stay for a year after getting a job in Amsterdam. One of the things I miss about Melbourne is my bike! I can’t really afford to buy a bike of comparable quality over here, so my question is this:

Does anybody have any experience with/know about a company that will ship my bike over here? Cheap = good!


Put the word out to friends and family or anyone you can find traveling to europe in the near future. If it’s packed well a bike is not usually excess luggage on a flight. This is the cheapest way by far. Once its in europe the last leg will be cheap.

How’d you go with this?
Did you manage to find a cheap way to bring your bike over?
I’m kinda in the same situation. I lived in Perth (I’m originally from the Netherlands) for a year and build up a nice bike which I really like. When I went back I tried to take it on the plane but I had so much shit with me that I was 20 kg’s over the limit. I had to pay $1500 if I wanted to take my bike haha. So I just left it in Perth.
I looked into shipping it by post, DHL, UPS and FedEx and they’re all fucking expensive…

wife and I looked into taking our bikes to Finland when we went last year… short answer… as marijn said… fucking expensive!!!

used to be free to take a bike with you with no excess cost… but now some with allow it to be free (???) but it is a part of your 20kg allowance out of Oz… so if you are not planning on taking anything with you and not planning on buying anything you wish to carry back (we paid shit loads for sending heaps of stuff back… Finland and Helsinki in particular being such a design orientated place!!!) you are able to take it with you…

at the time we were looking at taking our MBs so only left a little over 5kg for clothes!!! fixed is good in that respect as my old skool converted ss I am using now is only around 10+kg

that is the cheapest option… KLM… forget them… they said… yeah sure… not a fucking problem… just hand over your fucking bank account details!!! can’t remember the EXACT details but was in the order of $300/kg… so we were looking at $4500 for the bike… it would have been cheaper to buy a fucking ticket for an extra seat and put the friggin’ bike on it rather than in the hold… could have almost given it a damn business class seat for that price

there must be something in between tho but they are surely going to come in around the $250 -$300+ range as that is what it seems to cost to buy a bike OS on the bay and get it shipped to OZ

My frame was sent to me (in close to a full size box) here in Melbourne from Stuttgart via Deutsche Post (DHL) for around $100 (70 Euro) so a whole bike may be not much more than that.

Couldn’t hurt to enquire.

Woow $4500! That’s crazy haha. So taking my bike with me for $1500 was actually quite a bargain haha.
Deutsche Post DHL sounds pretty good! I’ll check it out
The cheapest I’ve found so far was around $330 with Australian post…