shipping wheel from USA

has anyone shipped a wheel from the states before.
if so what postage company did you use and how much did it cost.

an ebay dood tried to quote me 350 dollars.

if you could give me a heads up on any good deals that would be great.

Shouldn’t cost more than $80 - $100 in my experience. That price is for pairs I’ve had sent over too.

I paid around 60USD, t’was through an online shop (bells). Maybe the seller just typed in package size into postage calculator on ebay; maybe he’s taking the piss too.


currently $50 for shipping for a pair of wheels, takes about 2 weeks if i recall.

shipping large items out of the USA is pricey, usually not worth it unless its something you really desparately want (unless its throuch a shop who can get wholesale rates)

I just got my aerospoke and rear wheel and extra stuff sent from us for 60 US sent by USUP got it in 5 days

yeah i got wheels sent over from US; BellsBikeShop ebay. cost me $70 AU for the postage of it over here. tho i have noticed there are online shops also on ebay in US who are quoting much higher prices for postage to AU, on par with that 350 you said.

Bells bike that’s where I got my stuff those guys are the best to buy anything

cheers. yeah i got back to him about it and i think he was under the impression that it would work. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

could anyone give me the detail fo their shipping.
i.e. was it international express or priority mail.