Shipping wheelset from USA to AUS

Hey guys, I was wondering what the cheapest postage service would be to ship a wheelset from USA to AUS.
I am currently looking at a quote for $270 via USPS, which the seller claims is the cheapest option.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ask the guys from Velomine and if they want to be nice they tell you who they use.

  1. determine double wheel box dimensions
  2. Postage Price Calculator
  3. add packing material fees, insurance, time to post it
  4. total.

I put in a 70x70x20cm box from CA to AU and the online price is $269 for global express guaranteed.

There are cheaper rates, but not for punters.


I’m pretty sure companies like Velomine get wholesale prices as they ship large quantites.

Thanks Blakey, I’ll give that a go.

Sure enough but they may have an idea who to use anyway. It’s not only about the costs, its about getting the wheels here in one piece as well.

True that, I’ll give it a go and ask them nicely!