Shirts Ride

So Shirts is leaving for Melbourne, and Potato Dave had organised a ride in his honour, but because of the state election Dave can’t make it anymore. I am still keen on a ride and Dave is organising beers at his place for the arvo I think. Would anyone (most importantly you Shirts) be keen on a bay loop on Sunday morning, leaving Planet Cycles at 6:00am, back for coffee by 7:30am (so long as we don’t get a billion flats like last time)?

State election weekend?

Who are we getting in the trade?

They got you, and we got Jimmy Dead Legs.

This sunday I believe.

We got Andy for Dayne.

This Sunday (11th), because of what Dave does he has to work 24/7 over the coming weeks leading up to the election.

What’s the go, why’s he moving down?

New job.

Hmm, Sunday at 6am you say?

Ah shit I thought you got me for dayne with future considerations to Sydney in that blockbuster deal.

I’m out for Sunday. Promised the Mrs I’d take her birdwatching or some such activity. Could possibly RV afterwards.

Update, shirts is in. We’ll keep it a social pace, no big hills so you can get your #sotb fix. Probably a wynnum loop. Shirts are optional.

Sweeeeeet in

I’m keen, see you guys there.

Cause the weather’s fkn ace

could this be #almostabunch?

Yeah twas new job time.

Have just locked away an apartment on chappel street in south yarra - so should be fun


Keep the back door locked.

Far out, wish I was still there. Cons, I believe the polka dot jersey now rests solely on your shoulders with this news…please light up coot-tha on a canyon soon and let no fred’s suck your wheel!