shit yeah

Badass! looks comfy, no?

Organisasi Hitam

I reckon it looks like a penis. A thin, slightly droopy, yet excited, penis.

Looks like a 19th century cure for “ladies’ anxieties”.

That thing would be about as stiff as a noodle.

thats exactly what i look for in a bike

if there were a bike meant for '50’s salt lake racing. This would be it.

fixed that.

Does it barspin?

It is such an amazing design, I saw this weeks ago. Love it!
one day we will all have such awesome bikes. fuck off the double triangle shit we are all riding

does your mum? I know which one I would rather ride

You would need a bulging disc in your spine to qualify to ride this thing! The drop in height from saddle to bars gives me back pain just looking at it.

Sweet! I have a bulged disc. Never thought I’d find any use for it!

Bike for sure.


I’d like to give it a go and see how it rides.