i’ve finaly got myself a pair of clipless pedals. now i want some spd shoes that will allow me to walk around and don’t look like something out of tron.

any suggestions?

i’ve seen some adidas el moro’s that look ok and also some shimano’s (can’t remember what they were called, sorry.

661’s, SPD compatible and you can look like a stupid ‘twig flipper’

Get the Shimano spd sandals. They look great with socks!

maybe i could just screw some cleats into these jesus-creepers?

Haven’t we already been here? De-ja-vu…,3156.15.html

Hey… it’s a timeless look!

The ‘mankini’ is a timeless look, but that doesn’t make it right…

I wear adidas (I think they’re el moro’s but can’t remember for sure). They’re great shoes, I commute in them every day.

If you’re going to put in some serious miles though, get something with a stiffer sole. But for general cruising around and being able to walk at the same time, they’re awesome.

yea, ended up with some el moros. pretty happy. they seem to rub on my ankle, but it’s not a big problem.

think i prefer clips and straps, still, though.