Shogun "XOX" Alpine GT

Finally finished the Shogun Alpine GT. I’ve nicknamed this the XOX due to basing it heavily on the Bridgestone XO-1.

Frame: Shogun Alpine GT “XOX”
Wheels: Campagnolo Gamma laced to Suntour
Cranks: Suntour Superbe Pro
Bars / Stem: Nitto Moustache / SR Custom
Bar End Shifter / Derailleur / Cluster: Suntour / Suntour Cyclone / Suntour Winner
Saddle / Seat Post: Brooks B-17 Team Pro / Sugino
Pedals: MKS Road, unknown clips, Christophe straps
Brakes: Tektro CR720 / Dia Compe Aero levers
Tyres: Panaracer Pasela 700 x 32c
Bar Tape: MASH Histogram ('cause I’m still a hipster at heart)

Still need some tweaking, and the front brake cable routing isn’t ideal, but it’s fun to ride. Better photos to come.

Needs polished aluminium fenders, otherwise it’s perfect.

Consider a Nitto M12 rack for the front down the track.

(nice cranks ;))

Oh yeah, thanks to Blakey for the cranks and rear derailleur, justdave for the BB cable guide and el Brado for the brake levers, bar end shifter, down tube cable guide and free wheel.


Expect to see u commuting on this soon. Nice to play very minor part in this build.(lol)

Minor… But important!

Minor… But important!

I need to stop commuting on a track bike and get me one of these.

also, i was saying to Brendan the other day, how i have noticed how many hipsters are riding fully fendered beardo bikes. My guess is that there are a lot of lurkers here, see rides like this and Blakey’s lovely steeds, not realising that all the mods here are n3rds (excluding Brendan who is a jock) and following the trend.

I call it the Blakey factor, and it is consuming inner Melbourne. I can even feel their pity as they see me on my track steed (hipster chariot).

The only reason I built this up is because I saw an XO-1 in a Rapha “edit”.

Also, in Adelaide it’s the Blighty factor… although, he just moved back from Melbourne.

His JT tourer is a thing of pure beauty.

I know.

I came home from OS and had two gorgeous Jack Taylor’s chilling in my hallway. My wife loved his tourer and kept saying if he ever sells it, I should buy it.

Fixed that for you.

One of these will fix that. Gets the cable outer to run down nice and low: Tektro Brake Cable Housing Stop, Front 1272AF Silver: Sports & Outdoors

Nice clean build.

haha HMC. One good thing about bigger tyres is one tends to puncture less.
JLN- Great build

Haha. Maybe I’ll get her to fight you. I’ll be guaranteed to win because you’re too much of a gentleman to hit a girl!

This bike is nice, but yeah the mods here are nerds. Except brendan, as noted by HMC, and Nexus, also jock-as.

Nyeerrrrrd! Too classy for a jerk like me. And I mean that as a compliment.

I have these on two bikes, but get the Specialized one instead, it has a barrel adjuster built in and avoids having to put an inline adjuster in your cable run.

I’ll have a look for the Specialized one. It is drilled for brakes, so it shouldn’t be an issue, however, it’s not drilled for recessed brakes…

Commuter Cycles in Melb can hook you up. Recessed shouldn’t matter (It’s actually drilled for lights/rack/fenders, not caliper brakes, but that’s me being pedantic), you should be able to replace the bolt / nut in the Spec one, or just drill the rear hole out to 6mm.

TRP also do one: TRP, and it comes in silver, and again you can replace the bolt/recessed nut with a longer bolt and a nyloc nut / washer.

I’ll give Commuter a call soon.

PS: Rough Riders: Any Bike, Anywhere: Home of the Classic Cyclist