Shop Dudes assemble! I need help sourcing some bits.

I need a hand sourcing generic 25.4clamp, 30mm or 1" rise silver alloy risers, I also need to source some generic silver alloy road drops in 40cm width with a 25.4 clamp… both are needed ‘yesterday’ (as is always the way)

Incomex/Bicycle Parts Wholesalers and Bike corp who we usually deal with are not stocking any of the above. They are to be of a generic level as they are not needed for anything swish.

If anyone can recommend suppliers that would be a big help, I’ve spent too long looking today :frowning:




onya mate… thanks for comin’

Incomex doesn’t stock something? I don’t believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

You tried Bike Box dude? I can’t remember their exact stock list, but maybe a shot…

Incomex dont do silver in 30mm rise and pretty sure they dont do a standard 25.4 alloy road dropbar.

Thanks HMC, will chase that lead up… we don’t usually use them but may do in future if they stock what I’m after for these jobs.

Interesting note: I’ll be trying to build my cross bike entirely from things I can grab from incomex

WOULDN"T advise

At minimum, i"ll get some wheels. Alex r32’s to some novatechs.

yeah, i guessit depends whether or not you want the components to function well and last…

With cross stuff I’d really recommend paying slihgtly more for parts that function well and will last up to some abuse, Since you’ll no doubt be tearing through the trails and possibly binning it a few times… a little more initially will save you a lot more down the line, but it all depends on your budget I guess.

Pfft, I never bin it :wink:

The bars you’re after, to the letter, are sold by Diggari. They do Ortlieb/Tubus as well.

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