Short wheelbase rollers?

Does anyone know of any brand of rollers that will work for wheelbase down to 880mm?
If not, how feasible is it to shorten the wheelbase on a typical set and what are the issues of doing so?

you can drill holes and bring the front roller back as far as you like but you might struggle to find a rubber band short enough

Could the rear rollers be swapped such that the band went to the back one instead of the front one?

Yes, have done it before since a friends bike also has a very short wheelbase.

Job done
I moved the rear roller fwd 40mm to allow for 650c wheel size.
The band on the rear roller was then only 15mm longer than the maximum factory option.

With the band on the front rear the band was fairly slack, touching the floor even, however still has enough friction to turn the front roller.
So I’ve left it there for now to give Swuzz jnr a bit less resistance to deal with while he gets the hang of it.

This means I can swap in my own bike without needing to switch the band between rear rollers which is a bit of stuffing around.

In hindsight I would have got the rear rollers closer by moving the front rear back and then setting the front one. That woul have kept a bit more tension on the band.