Should For Sale Forums Be Exclusive?

Yay for democracy! What does everyone think?

Also, if you chose option 2, do you think sellers should say whether their stuff is for sale somewhere outside of

I think people should be a member for at least 10 or so posts before coming on here posting stuff for sale.

And no posting own stuff in the ebay thread.

And option 1.

+1 on all these points. Agreed.

I am slightly uncomfortable with someones first post being being a duplicated for sale post of a common as muck road bike frame. However I have no problem with regular users putting there stuff up on multiple websites including fixed. I have more trust for members than the general public so wouldn’t want people to be put off putting their stuff up here for sale.

As for ebay, I’m happy for people to spam their stuff. The ebay thread is where the junk goes anyway.

On point 1 - Could the item be advertised on another forum?

I try to sell my stuff to community members (fixed, road, mtb forums) before I go ebay and I usually hit the all up at once.

I would just say no ebay.

Yeah, I agree with Brad on the multiple forums thing… I usually put stuff up on here and on I think putting up a “for sale” post (not in the ebay section) which is just a link to an eBay auction is a bit wrong.

Farkin/ Rotorburn has a good setup, minimum post count, or a letter in propper english to an admin asking for permission to advertise.

I don’t care about the eBay thing, especially if they advertise it on the forum then chuck it on eBay later if it doesn’t sell.

If I’m selling something here, it’ll also be on Rotorburn.
I dont think it matters if its sold at other places, as long as the thread is updated quickly to indicate it is actually sold.

If an item is up on ebay and you post it on this forum, i think you should still put a description etc with photos, but instead of the price there is a link to the ebay listing… or it can just go in the ebay thread.

option 1 sounds like more work for mods to me.

Not posting for sale items on other sites is great if you are the buyer, not so good if you are the seller.

The wider you advertise, the more likely you are to find someone who is willing to pay the price that you are asking. So, I think that putting a ban on advertising things on other sites will simply result in more forum members skipping the “for sale” thread and going straight to ebay.

Lets face it, with few exceptions people who are selling their stuff here are doing it because they want the money, not because they want to do some sort of favor to forum members.

if you want to put some sort of regulations on it, minimum posts is the best bet.

i sold my masi recently in like 2 days cos i had it list on about 4 sites and in gear brisbane (pretty the new owner is on fixed).

putting restrictions in place is just going make it difficult to for all parties involved.