Should I ghetto paint my trispoke?

I’m thinking of rattle canning the old trispoke white but aren’t sure. I kinda like it black but. . . . .

why dont you just cover it with apple stickers?

Sadly I’ve run out.

I’m thinking of painting it white with ‘reflective clear coat’. I think it could be a winner and it would look pretty crazy at night.

I told you to do it ages ago…you didn’t…so I tell you again, DO IT!

spend the money on hoe’s…lots of hoe’s

P.S. No-one gives a shit…seriously, Care-factor = Nill. When you actually want to do something useful…call us! Bored? Give masturbation a go

I don’t care! (63.6%)


draw some sperm on it with a whiteout pen

i’ll be helpfull and vote 1 for white

in all serious-ness, please don’t do it white!
It looks really good black!

dont paint it white, just take the works sticker off

I can always paint it black again. I wouldn’t mind seeing what it looks like at night in reflective white though.

Sell it to me in black. Or white.


I think Omar had some good ideas for your pista :wink:

Ewww… keep it black.