Should I plug all the mounting holes on my frame?

I have a new frameset that has lots of holes for mounting various things - anything cages, bottle cages, racks, etc. It didn’t come with any mounting screws.

To be clear, I’m talking mounting holes that go into the tubes themselves, distinct from standard eyelets holes - ie, of the fender variety, that just go straight through a piece of solid metal.

My view is that I should be plugging all the holes I’m not using that go into the tubes themselves, to avoid water getting inside the frameset. It’s a titanium frame, but still. I’m also inclined to plug the mid-fork mounting holes for racks - the fork is carbon, but it doesn’t seem to have any drainage. I won’t plug the eyelet holes that go through solid metal.


I won’t have things mounted all the time, and it’s just so many holes. I’d also prefer Ti screws, which gets a bit pricey.

I’ve put bolts in all the unused holes (that go into tubes) on my NFE. I figure any way I can stop water ingress is good. Sounds like you might have a lot more on your frame though.

tl:dr - probably worth it?

Bulk order Ti bolts from ebay china?

If you really want to block them off (assuming there are no other entry avenues anywhere) or keep the threads clean just spend $3 on these. Even lighter.

If the frame wasn’t Ti you’d be cruising… asking… calling for a galling!.

You can find inexpensive plastic plugs for what you want to do. Won’t be as fancy as ti screws for sure, but they are very low profile compared to screws which will be bulging out a bit.

Ok cool, plastic plugs it is.

The extra screws can be handy if another functional screw comes out and gets lost while riding

True that, I might use a combination of both.

what am I? chopped liver :D? nylon M5 set screws not good enough for you?
(I do agree that having some spare bolts installed is prudent)

Don’t forget that ti bolts are weak. So mounting racks with them is not SMRT. And use anti-sieze on all metal-metal interfaces obv.

8.8 steel bolt yields ~650MPa, SS ~500MPa, shitty Ti bolt ~275MPa. 10.9/12.9 is prob overkill.

I’m sorry blakey I would never be so flippant re your advice. I did buy those nylon things, but just wasn’t accurate in how I described it.

And yeah Ti for bottles. I won’t have racks on this bike - bikepack bags only. Maybe anything cages for big water bottles.


given people use alu bolts for bidon cages, you should be aok with 6-4 or pure ti bolts.

You’d want bolts to fail rather than the frame mounts right?

I’d rather the loaded rack doesn’t cause the bolt to shear or fatigue, dumping the load into the wheel.

We all know how that turns out…

Like Blakey said use thread prep not grease.
Copper paste lasts far longer than grease.