Should we?

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My girlfriend and i saw this last night. With christmas coming up she is keen as mustard to go halves, she even has a friend in canberra to pick up it.

It is pretty wack, i dont know if i could get in it to ride down the street without feeling like a goose, it would take up the whole street, and what is going on with those seats? Thinking about it while typing i kind of really want it though!


Want… Looks like it came from the Dickson bike museum after it got shut down

Man, oh man. If you don’t buy it I will!

I’d attach a trailer for the bub at the back, or maybe just rig it so I can attach a rear-facing baby seat onto it. The whole family on a single bike. This would make for some good summer fun.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking it about it since last night.

I think an esky could be attached under the seats, and if the plastic seats break you could make a wooden bench all the way across, put some cushions on there, then have room for 3 people to cruise around.

It is kind of beautiful too.

Go for it, great for beer runs

nobrakes! hahaha then again, i can’t really imagine getting that up to any kind of pace where you would need them.

i also recommend somehow attaching the kiddie seat to the handlebars. it would be the most fun a kid could have. ever

Only if get it if you can run a front Tuff on it…

do you need to pedal at the same speed to get a smooth run? It looks like it would be a dog to ride, if you get it for $20 it may be worth doing up a bit.

theres a few up here on the sunshine coast.Theres a place that hired them years ago they have a roof frame with a canvas cover their the bomb.
ps esky mount behind the seat would also help weight bias for wheelies.

so, last night we decided to give it a miss. i think a traditional tandem would be more suitable.

just to let anyone who is keen on this monster trike know, i wont be putting up a fight.

or you could buy two seperate bikes, and retain your independence.

you would need matching outfits to ride that

i am fiercely independent, and have more than two bikes. but if your girlfriend wants a tandem bike…