Show us your TT's

here are some TT frames

Here in AUS
funny bike / time trial/ fixie?? njs Shogun Kaze - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 09-Jun-10 14:22:31 AEST)

In the land of nether
Handmade Columbus tubing TIme trial frame set Fixedgear - eBay (item 270587268454 end time Jun-06-10 12:05:11 PDT)

Feel free to post more findzzz

bidding on the first one :), any idea of how much each will go for?

It might be original but its ugly like a troll. If you do win it buy up every last 24" tire you can get your hands on

Sadly might repaint, even though i would love not to, and perhaps get a 650c fork and wheel. still thinking

It had a buy it now price of around $500 when the auction first started.

ugly as a troll!!! :slight_smile:

I am the seller and yep I cant really argue with that call, good idea with the 650 fork!

Check it:

VINTAGE FRAME AND FORK EDOARDO BIANCHI TIME TRIAL - eBay (item 230483281971 end time Jun-10-10 11:34:09 PDT)

Some Moore

BATTAGLIN FUNNY BIKE- VINTAGE MINT - eBay (item 160431532488 end time Jul-04-10 12:58:44 PDT)

here is one converted