Shrinkage Backpack

So… The Chunky Toad has been around for a while, but it’s larger size scares a few. With a lot of pushing and prodding from one particular forum member we finally pulled our finger out and came up with a smaller version. And our biased selves kinda like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Enter the Shrinkage! You can check out the full details on our web page here.

Three off the shelf colour options: Coyote, Black, Navy. (or you can custom order any colour combo)

26L of volume (I need someone to do the Bundy test please!) comfortably fits all laptops up to 17 inch. It is very much styled after the Chunky Toad, albeit smaller. Perfect for those who always carry the same gear day in-day out, and never need to carry extra. Major differences between the Toad and the Shrinkage are the addition of two internal pockets on the front wall (one is higher than the other making it easy to find stuff), no side compression straps, and no secret pocket (sorry drug runners/money launderers but this bag isn’t for you). Trade off is a much cheaper price, @ $195.

Oh yeah, and its Australian made too!

Comparison shots: Chunky toad, Shrinkage, Skwirt

Same backpad, framesheet and shoulder straps as the Toad, so if you feel comfortable wearing the Toad, you will feel comfortable wearing the Shrinkage. It also accepts our hipbelt upgrade for an even more comfortable carry.

No video of it just yet, nor photo on someone’s back, but this will be done shortly.

Interested? Head on over to our website!

Oh hai! I have mine for a week so far and love it to bits! I will get some pics of it tonight on my back - and also some detail shots of the interior features.

Eh heh! :slight_smile: Glad you’re liking it!

Please do get some shots of the interior… that’s yet another something that we haven’t done!

I’m pretty keen on this. Have you ridden much with a laptop Ezy?

Sorry mate - I don’t own a laptop. I can chuck one in the pics tonight though.

That would be superb

This is my customised shrinkage that I received from BO Gear only last week - Obviously I haven’t had that much time to be able to give a solid review, so I will just run through the features.

From the outside it is pretty much business as usual compared to the chunky toad. This is mine in commuter mode with the light attached to the webbing on the main flap.

One extra feature I asked for was drink bottle holders - this is so that if the bottle starts leaking - it doesn’t ruin any electronic equipment (learning from mistakes here).

Moving inside we have 4 compartments. The first is something that I asked Dave to include, I don’t like to carry my wallet anywhere on the outside of the bag, and the inside deep pockets on the chunky toad would swallow my wallet making it hard to find. So this little pocket is accessible and also a little more secure than an outside or under the flap pocket. I also asked Dave to include a key ring, this is again so I know exactly where my keys will be after the commute home.

Just under the little pocket is a second compartment that extends all the way down the length of the bag. Good for sorting dirty stuff from clean stuff.

Both of these pockets come right up to the top of the bag lid. This is handy for when you need to load things in to the main compartment when laying the bag flat on it’s back, you can pinch the top of the two pockets to make sure they lids won’t hang down and get in the way when loading.

So in the bag at the moment is a pair of jeans, shirt, winter jumper, socks + undies, shoes, some food, a laptop (the laptop is in the last compartment which is closest to your back when wearing the bag), wallet + keys, moustache wax, lock, batteries for lights, tool roll, pen and notebook. This is what I would take with me from my commute to and from work (roughly 40kms a day)

Mrs Ezy wasn’t home to take pics of the bag on my back - so I had a bit of a selfie bathroom photoshoot. PM for nudez.


this is exactly why dave rules

Yeah Bogear is a big supporter of fixed events and is a dude,

I see why you couldn’t sew on that machine you sold me, that shit is TIGHT!

Quick post to let you all know that my custom Shrinkage is fantastic.
It’s perfect size for me to carry things to work and not ‘under fill’ the bag and have it sloppy.
The colour of mine is brilliant (got a pic Dave?) and just like the Chunky Toad it’s built to be practical and last forever.

I can’t speak highly enough of Dave and his team. Brilliantly professional and friendly.

BOGear is easily in the Top 10 things to come out of Queensland. Up there with Weis Bars I reckon.

I’ll add my own little review now after owning the shrinkage for the last month~.
Awesome bag, its being used for commuting to work and easily carries all the gear/clothes I need for the day/week. Generally I load it up monday morning with a few shirts, lunches/snacks for the week and whatever else I need in the office. Everything fits well and the separate compartments come in handy when bringing wet/dirty clothes home.
I just got back from a week away on holidays and I used the shrinkage to lug all my stuff. Even fully loaded with clothes, shoes etc… it felt great on my back. Great work Dave!