Sick of it already Blakey?

This looks familiar, right down to the campy ends:

‘Curly’ Hetchins Vintage Road Bike, Good Condition. - eBay Other Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 08-Jun-10 22:17:22 AEST)

Bugger the Hetchins, I’d rather the Jack Taylors, Harry Quin or Flying Gate! But they’re all too small for me.

The Harry Quinn gets my vote!
that is a serious collection

Is this part of Frank’s collection? I think I remember seeing that Hetchins ‘in the house’, rather than being in the shed with his other out of this world stuff. Man, those prices are good… I’d have em all. including the row bike.

Those prices are indeed good.

I’m considering the Flying Gate just as a wall hanger! (And the JT TOB as a rider)… must.resist.purchasing.