Silver Anatomic Drops

Looking to put together a Cinelli Mash I picked up last year.

Had my eye on anatomical drops - seen some by Ritchey but was wondering does anyone do them in silver? Seems like black is the only option.

The Ritchey classic curve has a relatively short reach and compact drop. Although more of a “compact” than “anatomic” style bar. But a comfortable and fine looking bar. Nitto M106 NAS has similar specs (although 26 maybe).

The old Pro PLT drops come in silver but they’re discontinued and only have black now but they pop up on eBay.

Otherwise as above the Classic curve’s from in silver.

ive got some black nonames ones you can have for cheap/trade. 26.0 stem though? 42cm c-c

Nitto M106 compact bars come in 26.0 and 31.8. I have some in black. I couldn’t imagine running them without levers because of the shape and cable grooves. Nitto do make other ergo bars in silver and 31.8 and 26.0 and Soma do the HWY1 in 31.8 and silver. Still a compact bar though.

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…and Deda Newtons in the “titanium” colour (which is pretty silvery) pop up occasionally

Should of specified- will need them in 31.8.

Might give these a go - Ritchey Comp
Don’t think I can go wrong for that price. Not quite the ‘shiny’ silver I was after but honestly most of it will be covered up by bar-tape anyways.

Might keep hunting for a set of those Pro PLT drops though…

Do you need ergo? If not go compact and get the soma hwy ones.

Been riding with compacts so far. Don’t hate them but don’t love them either, thought I would try something new out

Those Nitto M106 are rad. I’m building a bike for a friend with them.
You can’t get hold of a 26.0mm stem?
I’ve got some cool ITM ergo bars in silver that are a similar shape to the Newtons which are for sale.
As new, mounted but never had tape wrapped on them.