Silver modern bits

I’m finishing up a single speed/commute/whatever build, and would ideally like to appease my OCD nature by matching the silver hubs, rims, headset and seat post collar with a silver stem, bars and seat post.

What are the options in silver for a 1 1/8" threadless setup? Nitto, Richey Classic, VO and Soma come to mind. I know Pro made a silver bar and stem but they don’t seem available any longer.

Are there any others?


Thompson do silver stuff still AFAIK

Deda do some silver stuff: Deda Elementi - super light high quality bicycle components

Soma HWY 1 are good compact silver bars. They do a 31.8 too.

Pity the ventisei stem doesn’t come in silver. I’ve got some Criteriums and Giro bars that I could use. Thomson was an option I hadn’t thought of. I’ve got a Ritchey seat post I stripped and polished which I might use. Would be cool to have matchy matchy bits though. All good stuff.

I’ve got Ritchey Classic bars I’m willing to part out with - PM if interested.

Also I don’t think Thomson do silver bars.

Correct, just Ti MTB flatbar.