Sindrome & Elephantitus: Potential Issue

Hi guys,

Not really a “sponsor special”, but moreso a quick heads up regarding a potential issue that has just come to light regarding our Sindrome and Elephantitus messenger bags. :mad:

The issue is the popping out of the hip stabiliser strap from the bag. We have written a short write up about it at our blog here, including what we will be doing to rectify the situation.

Brisbane Outdoor Gear Blog: Hip Stabiliser: Potential Issue

So far this has only affected a very small percentage of bags, yet we don’t want this to happen to anyone else. If you own a Sindrome or an Elephantitus please follow the above link, and check your bag. If it is showing signs of this issue please contact us so we can get your bag rolling again.

We apologise in advance if your bag is showing this issue. This is a shit situation to be in, and we want to fix it asap. Thank you also for the understanding and continued support.