Sinewave Dynamo Light

This has my attention…mainly as its a single system and appears to do everything that I’d want a dynamo light/charger to do…

Yeh that looks cool. I especially like the idea of having the battery for when moving too slow (i.e. hike-a-bike). I wonder if the battery charges from that plug when up to speed or whether you have to change over to the USB output.
It’d be cool if you could leave a cache battery plugged in and have it charge or discharge automatically as needed.

I love my shaped beam Edelux, but see how a round beam is good for mountain biking.

Reading the FAQ, it reads as though the cache battery does recharge…

This looks great. I’ve been looking at topcap based solutions to dyno charging. This is way tidier. Subbed

The one thing that makes me hesitant with this is the in built battery. Batteries inevitably lose their ability to hold charge over time. So instead of having to replace a cheap cache battery you’re stuck replacing a really expensive light?

Yeah that’s my biggest issue with it also Lewis. I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on the pre-order, thinking I might send an email regarding warranty though as there is no mention directly in the FAQ.

Does it have an internal battery? Isn’t just an integrated light and charger?


An external, off-the-shelf USB battery pack can be connected to maintain bright, flicker-free light even when stopped or riding slowly.

Ah, I think you’re right. Looks like they’ve changed the wording a bit, perhaps it was just poorly explained before because I definitely got the impression originally that it was an integrated battery. Seems like I wasn’t the only one.

Pretty much an IQ Luxos U, no? Key differences being the lack of internal cache battery?

Beacon: off road cycling
Luxos: road cycling


So for my application of cycling, key differences would be lumen count/beam pattern/reduced flicker at low speeds.

Also the IQ won’t run off the battery. So Beacon is good for hike a bike as Adz said but also can be used when your stopped

Its either this or a revo + top cap combo?

Luxos U also is the titanic of the dynamo seas

This seems cool:


Yes. Because the connectors on the battery are input only or output only, you’ll need to connect two cables - a USB cable from the Beacon USB port to the battery input, and a USB-to-barrel from the battery output to the Beacon barrel connector.

You can either leave both cables connected or connect only one at a time, depending on whether you are using the charger or the light."

Don’t know how I missed that but it answers my earlier question:

Too bad it can’t charge/discharge from the same cable but good that you can leave both plugged in

Indeed it is.

Not waterproof?