Single Speed & Hardtail Mountain Jam!

Attention Hobart Single Speeders and Hardtail Holdouts! It has been too long since the ‘One Gear More Beer’ crew graced our trails with a single cog. An age has passed since the last Bottles and Chains ‘Silo Run’. The time has come for the clan to congregate for a ‘Mountain Jam!’

Meeting place: Machine Cafe, Salamanca Square
Date: Sunday 28 February 2016
Time: 09:00am (earlier if you want a pre-ride coffee)
Route: TBC (but maybe we’ll hit Tolmans Hill > Chimney Pot Hill > Turnip Fields > Bracken Lane?)

Loose plan is to finish at a pub for a post ride brew. Probably Cascade Hotel or the Ferntree Tavern.